HYSTOU FMP04 Intel Core 1037U Processor, Gaming Mini Pc


HYSTOU FMP04 Intel Core 1037U Processor, Gaming Mini Pc, Mini Desktop Computer,Finless Mini Box PC,Power Interuption Recovery,Support Dual Display,Windows 7 (64 bit) (4GB RAM 128GB SSD)

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  • CPU: Intel® CoreTM 1037U Processor (2M Cache, 1.8 GHz);Awesomely Fast Start-Up, Seamless web browsing, multi-tasking compatibility. SSD and Optane memory - new technology that achieving accelerates opening and storing photos, videos, games, or large amounts of content reducing the time you wait for your computer.
  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8 & XP Pro, Linux Compatible. Low-carbon green: TDP only 20W, very economical, saving a lot energy every year, low consumption but with a very amazing performance.
  • Fanless Passive Cooling Design And No Need Extra Maintenance, Silent Solution That's Ultra Energy-Efficient - Excludes any moving parts, it's 100% solid state components provide longer product life. Case Material: 29mm Ultra Thin Brushed Aluminum Alloy Case.
  • Support auto power on after power failure . Auto Power-On Option. After power off, automatically restore power supply,Ideal for Industrial Applications. Auto power-on option can be enabled within BIOS menu. Allows full access to all ports and power button, and does not affect the Wi-Fi performance.
  • Supports dual screen display via HDMI&VGA Ports, saving your time and improving your work efficiency. 4K ultra HD video playback, delight in the seamless visual rush of 4K Ultra HD with crisp, life-like images. Versatile Mini PC For home entertainment,office operation and industrial application; an ideal Digital Signage, POS and Thin Client solution.

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