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BEBONCOOL Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller with Clip for Android Phone / Tablet / Samsung Gear VR/ Game Boy Emulator (Blue)


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  • With L2/R2 button; It has two joy sticks, a D-pad, home button, start and select buttons, X,Y, A, B buttons and L1, L2, R1, R2 shoulder triggers
  • Compatible with android smartphone Samsung S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, Nexus, HTC, LG G4 G5 / Android tablet / Emulators / Oculus Gear VR
  • Built-in lithium battery 350mA, Battery life is about 5-8 hours when playing continuously; Phone mount for your phone can accommodate smartphones up to 3.0 inch wide, support phone screen within 5.9inch
  • Wireless connect to any Android cell phone, tablet or VR headset running Bluetooth 2.0 or higher; Support Android 3.2 above System
  • Free companion APP "BEBONCOOL GAMEPAD" brings you about 300 games (including about 145 free games):


BEBONCOOL Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller with Clip for Android Phone

BEBONCOOL Android Bluetooth Diversion Controller Audit

Creator: Braxton VanGundy July 26, 2016 0 Remarks

Hardware, Items, Audits, Innovation

Agreeable Portable GAMING MADE Simple

A couple of months back I took an extremely long auto ride from Virginia Shoreline the distance over to Nashville Tennessee. Obviously I didn’t set out on this excursion without the best possible arrangements, in my pocket I conveyed my Samsung Cosmic system S4 and in my movement pack I had my Nexus 7 covered under a tangled chaos of links. My amusement controller of decision around then was the wired Xbox 360 controller, utilizing an OTG to USB write A connector the controller worked faultlessly with both of my Android gadgets. Be that as it may, as expressed prior, the wired controller made a wild wreckage of boisterous link inside my sack and the OTG connector added to the rundown of things I needed to convey and monitor. On account of its inherent Bluetooth network and an incorporated 350mah battery the BEBONCOOL Bluetooth controller settle the majority of the issues said above while as yet figuring out how to be an exceptionally utilitarian and simple to utilize amusement controller.

The principal thing I saw while hauling the controller out of the crate was that its development was near however not exactly acceptable with an official diversion framework controller. Contrasting it with a correspondingly estimated Xbox 360 controller I noticed that the BEBONCOOL controller was significantly lighter than the 360 controller which can be something to be thankful for or awful thing relying upon what you look like at it. Its light weight makes it significantly more advantageous as a compact controller yet it additionally leaves the client with the feeling that it feels somewhat shabby. Another mentionable low point in quality is the adaptability of the controller’s casing, the territory where the gadget is intended to be held flexes under strain and is the thing that I would consider to be the controller’s weakest point. (if you don’t mind take note of that these are two extremely minor subtle elements which I simply needed to escape the path toward the start of the audit).

With my lone two issues towards the controller off the beaten path lets get down to the meat of the audit. An adaptive focal shaft enables the it to oblige a wide assortment of gadgets. It can stretch out up to 10.6 creeps long and bolts into put by means of a straightforward locking slider on the back. No gadget is too little to ever be utilized with the amusement cushion, a strategically located flip out arm holds gadgets which are not sufficiently long to be safely fitted between the handles (under 4.5 creeps long). The gadget holding zone is furnished with elastic cushioning which anticipates scratching and includes some hosing on the off chance that you incidentally drop the controller. Talking about dropping the controller, the handle areas of the diversion cushion are fixed outwardly with elastic holds which altogether limit the odds of the client really dropping the remote.

To charge the controller simply plug one end of the included USB link into a 5V control source and the opposite end into the charging port which is situated on the base of the left handle. The incorporated battery awards you 6-8 hours of wire free playing time. The matching up process is brisk and effortless. You can associate the controller to your telephone/tablet simply like you would some other Bluetooth gadget. To start with the amusement cushion must be put into blending mode, this should be possible by holding down the “home” catch for approx. six seconds. Once in matching mode you would then be able to check for Bluetooth gadgets on your telephone/tablet. Once the controller flies up select to match it and you ought to be ready. You don’t have to introduce the BEBONCOOL application to utilize this controller with your telephone.

Not at all like some different controllers available right now I consider this BEBONCOOL model to be very much prepared the extent that information interfaces are concerned. On the substance of the controller there are four fire catches (A/B/X/Y), two joysticks, a directional cushion, and a few utilitarian catches identified with the controller’s task. To the back you will discover two guards and two triggers. By and by I found the format of the catches to be commonsense and the controller agreeable to utilize. I had no issue relocating from the Xbox 360 controller to the amusement cushion. Regardless of its light weight, the catches, triggers, and joysticks all felt incredible to utilize and were very responsive.

BEBONCOOL Bluetooth Gamepad

Truly, it doesn’t take quite a bit of a venture to encounter a rich portable gaming knowledge utilizing a Bluetooth controller. While there are arrangements that effectively float around the $50 territory on this rundown, it doesn’t imply that you should neglect the spending offerings. A valid example with this next one on our rundown, the BEBONCOOL Bluetooth Gamepad. You may be somewhat troubled on account of the brand acknowledgment here, yet don’t give that a chance to be your sole leader.

To be sure, the BEBONCOOL Bluetooth Gamepad may resemble an exceptionally traditional looking versatile gaming cushion at first glance, which it is with its controller design and blue-dark shading plan. In any case, regardless it’ll convey a similar final products with its down to earth controls and convenience. Once you’ve combined it up to you Android gadget, we wager that you’ll be more than content utilizing it over the on-screen controls on your telephone. Brandishing a sticker cost of $20, it’s the most economical gaming controller on our rundown, so in any event the speculation out of your pocket will be as easy as could reasonably be expected.

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