Etekcity Gaming Headset (H7PX+) Reviews – Buyer’s Guide 2018

 Etekcity gaming headset review

This is a review of the Etekcity gaming headset H7PX+ which is a 7.1 Channel Surround Sound USB gaming headset that has an ergonomic lightweight design, large & comfortable ear cups & giving enhanced Bass Vibration. This headset also comes at a very modest budget for the features & I take it through it’s paces to see if it this headset is worth the cost and provides us the high quality sound.

The headset is extremely comfortable as the ear cups completely surround the ear lobes without crushing them against your head, I was able to wear it for long periods of time (hours of gaming) and only the first couple of times did I get a little pressure fatigue as the headset was tight and loosened up after repeat use.

Most gaming headsets may sound good but pair with a weak microphone, but found the mic quality and clarity to be spot on here. The microphone was much better than many headsets I have reviewed for example. Here is an Audacity Sound Recording Capture from the Microphone of the Etekcity H7PX+ Scroll Gaming Headset so you can hear how clear the mic is for this gaming headset.

The vibration to be more gimmicky than actually beneficial, it did do some vibration and buzz the speakers inside the headset but this provided more of a buzzing and didn’t give the feel like a really deep sub woofer, & annoyed me more than made I feel like I was getting deeper bass so I wound up disabling the vibration bass boost of the headset.


  • On the ear headset
  • Passive Noise Reduction
  • Plug Type: USB
  • 7.1 Virtual surround
  • Frequency: 20 Hz~ 20KHz


Full Audio Immersion:

The H7PX+ gaming headset includes 7.1 channel virtual surround sound and passive noise reduction, delivering the highest quality audio to the gamer world.

The H7PX+ brings virtual environments to life, enhancing the gaming experience for those ready to gear up.

Ergonomic Gamer Design:

The Etekcity H7PX+ was designed to outlast virtual battles with ergonomic comfort & custom adjustment. The external function control included on the headset cord allows instant access & command for volume, mic, and bass vibration settings.

Full Profile Customization:

The enclosed downloadable CD drive was designed to take gamers to the next level by delivering full audio customization and immersion.

This great Etekcity gaming headset is certainly a headset that will do all of this and more. Check it out today!


  • Metal parts in high stress areas
  • Mic quality and clarity to be spot
  • More gimmicky vibration
  • Extremely comfortable
  • High quality sound.
  • Awesome design


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