Logitech G3 Mouse For PC Gaming – Buyer’s Guide

A thousands People Choose was Logitech G3 Mouse which is Awesome & comfortable mouse for PC Gaming, G3 laser mouse is perfectly made for gaming, Its comfort & functionality hasn’t been compromised by too much focus on good looks. Classic Mouse For Those gamers who Love to remember old gaming enjoyment now let’s buy it and get awesome feeling with this high sensitivity mouse..

Logitech G3 Gaming Mouse

The top part of the mouse is finished pretty nicely & has a wave pattern. The bottom part is roughed to prevent slipping during game sessions. The area between the bottom & top parts is normal smooth black plastic & so are the 2 main buttons. Between & behind the two main buttons there’s this mouse’s only special button which is used to change the mouse movement sensitivity between the range of 400 & 2000 DPIs.

The base of the mouse hides no surprises such as adjustable weights that we have seen, control the actions each button performs & Swap the next &  prevent  buttons for left handed users, adjust the overall sensitivity and scrolling speed and also add trails to the pointer


  • Full-speed USB at 500 reports/second delivers precision at any speed
  • 2000 dpi gaming-grade laser engine
  • Ultra-light design and Dry Grip surface
  • Compact, ambidextrous design for quick wrist movements
  • On-the-fly sensitivity switching (800 dpi and 1600 dpi)
  • For both hands
  • Accurate
  • high sensitivity

  • Compromises brought by support for left and right hand
  • Old Desgin

Buyer’s Guide

My Reviews
It’s arduous to review a mouse because it comes right down to “feel” instead of cold facts if the mouse may be a smart one or not. I tested the G3 with taking part in decision of Duty on my Ulti-mat Breathe Mouse pad. Compared to the wireless MX610, the G3 moves terribly effortlessly and swimmingly because of its light-weight weight. For a left hander, obtaining accustomed the correct facet howeverton takes your time but once a short time I began to notice it pretty simply. victimisation it while not lifting the total hand from the mouse needs some finger acrobatics and through taking part in it’s pretty arduous build fast changes to the sensitivity. albeit obtaining accustomed it absolutely was pretty tough, I found it terribly helpful once victimisation completely different quite weapons. As a conclusion of the recreation with G3, the laser.


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